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Which Social Networks Can Help You?

Why would anybody consider the possibility of paying for comments on Facebook? Or retweets on Twitter? Why would you want to take advantage of the chance to buy 50 Instagram likes on Insta4likes?

These three social networks are leading the way when it comes to social media and they account for the bulk of users who regularly access social media. There are other social networks that have impressive numbers of users but these three are the biggest ones that are used on a global scale. Because of this, when you are presented with offers such as those above, you should take time to consider the proposition and what it might lead to.

There are billions of social media users spread across these three branches and a lot of them have accounts on more than one of them.

If you are able to catch the interest of someone on Instagram, for example, they may be tempted to share their appreciation for your profile and its content through their accounts on Twitter or Facebook, especially if its the case of recommending it to a friend of theirs who prefers one of the other branches.

This is something to consider when preparing a social media strategy. Not all the people whose attention you are looking for may be available on a single network so you may need to go looking for them in other places.

Getting to know the different social networks


Social media offers people who are looking to promote themselves a large number of ways to do so. This is possible not only because of the many different networks that exist but also because of the different formats offered by each one.

These are important factors as is the particular demographics that belong to each one of them. For example, Twitter focuses more on text-based content and is a great place for keeping abreast of breaking news and engaging in public debate. Instagram is geared more towards younger people and focuses on keeping people in the loop about what’s going on in their lives.

Facebook is something of a mix between the two while it also offers the opportunity to form groups and engage with other people by using this feature.

Trying to settle on just one

While you should certainly devote some time and energy to using accounts on all of the major social networks, you should also consider which one may be able to help you best achieve your targets. The offers at the beginning of the article all refer to social media features that can be purchased and added to your profile.

These are an important part of any social media campaign as these features provide you with more interaction. With more interaction, your account will reach further on social media. By doing so, you will then have a bigger audience for whatever it is you are promoting.

Paying for social media features is one way to get this added interaction but also choosing the right social network can affect this outcome. If you take the time to break down the statistics here, you can see that Instagram offers a social network where its users have more engagement than those of Facebook and Twitter. The average engagement rate per post for Instagram (1.6%) is actually greater than that of Facebook (0.09%) and Twitter (0.048%) combined.

Why is interaction so important?

Mobile Phone Social Media

Comparing engagement rates for each social network and weighing up the advantages of whether to buy social media features or not may seem trivial but these are factors which can have a big influence on just how much attention you are able to get.

In the case of Instagram, your profile is more heavily promoted if it is seen to be getting a lot of traffic. By being promoted, we refer to it appearing higher up the list of results for searches relating to it and being more likely to be recommended to people who may be interested in its content. With this being the case, your profile then has more possibility to get even more interaction, simply because it is on display to a bigger chunk of the social media audience.

Where do these social media features come in?

The role played by social media features comes about because these are the easiest ways for engagement to be measured. Every time content on your profile gets a view; every time someone likes something you have posted or every time you get a new comment under one of your posts; all of these things contribute to the popularity of your profile and mean that it becomes more visible.

With a more visible profile, you are able to draw more attention to the topic of your profile, whether it is to promote a social cause that is important to you or to inform the public about products or services offered by your company or just to share some of your creations with the world.

This is why people are taking the plunge and investing in social media features; because of the added exposure they will inevitably lead to. By paying for real social media users to view your pictures and videos or to like specific posts that you want to get more attention, you will have more people come your way. If you buy followers on your social network of choice and use them to orchestrate a campaign for increased interaction, you will reap the rewards when more people descend on your profile to see what all the fuss is about.

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