Vaping ban

Indoor Vaping Bans

At a specific point in the past, there was no ban on smoking cigars or cigarettes. In fact, it was allowed almost anywhere. From hospitals to offices, indoors and outdoors, it just didn’t matter where, particularly on the television. However, later it was established that the cast-off smoke by smokers was as dangerous as direct smoke and so they needed to prohibit the usage of typical flammable tobacco products in all these public places mentioned.

Later, came in the e-cigs which are more popularly known as “juuling” or “vaping” among teenagers. And this is the branded version of just consuming the vaporized verions of nicotine in a diverse range of flavors. In fact, they’re advertised as one good strategy to quit smoking without even quitting nicotine at all. Today, this apparently “safer” version of smoking has started to become banned faster than that of the typical cigarettes, mostly because supporters are bringing in the current laws.

Regulating the E-cig

For a period longer than a decade, it was found out that the consumers were smoking their e-cigs away in all the public places where smoking of the typical cigarettes had been officially banned, like in workplaces, restaurants, hospitals and airports.

Since vaping ejuice like space jam e liquid and e-cigs had were still only a ‘safer’ substitute for the usual smoking bans, there have been a great number of states, cities, countries, counties as well as metropolises which have banned the use of any kind of respired nicotine delivery method, among those the latest such ban was placed in Decatur, Alabama.  In fact, the city’s council even cast its vote in favor of banning the usage of e-cigs in almost all companies in this city and this city has a population of even lesser than 56,000 inhabitants. Today e-cigarettes are going through the same limitations as the ban which came out for the cigars and cigarettes in 2007. Decatur joined hands with many other cities which put e-cigs in the exact same group as the typical smoked tobacco items, in terms of which places the people can’t and can smoke them at least. Florida voters also very recently approved to the ban on vaping indoors. In fact, it soon even climbed to the 10th rank among all states that passed such a ban.

It is important to keep in mind that whether from vaping or the use of regular cigarettes, public health supporters say that the people who consume nicotine using methods which are respired, pose a serious threat to all the people around them too in the vicinity. And this is the threat that is revealing the reluctant public to something which has been confirmed to be harmful and addictive.


The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration didn’t begin modifying the laws regarding e-cigs like it had been done for the tobacco-filled items until the year 2016. In fact, this is also that same year that the WHO mentioned that vaping must be banned everywhere smoking is practiced. Basically, these bans claim that if users use nicotine in such a way which involves their lungs, it won’t exactly be allowed wherever people share air regularly.

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